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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Bucket List..:)

So i'm turnning 18 in a bit, and i just realized i've actually not had any remarkably funny/crazy event..sad innit?

And cos of that, i decided i was gonna create my own bucket list that i have to achieve before i turn 21. Can i hear an amen somebody!

Okay so basically, i have the next 3  years to achieve the following..
P.s. For those who dont know, a bucket list, is a list of things you wanna do before a certain time.

So here's mine:

- Eurotrip with my sister..i seriously hope i do this..

- Publish my first novel..probably titled 'Letter to my future husband'..;D

- Kiss a white dude..now this is totally random! Hehe..

- Released a single..seeing as everybody is now a musician, i will never carry last, so whether u love me, or hate me, or you really cant be bothered, you have to listen to it o! And buy my album if i decide to release one!

- Run outta my room topless when i hear 'man on the floor'..haha..i just hope it'll be some random dude, not some boy that likes me, or some perveted freak, i'll just die!

- Have my first article published in the national dailies or a magazine. P.s. My first article in a magazine will be out soon!! Yay! I'm really excited about it! Very excited!

- Start my own Fashion accessory line..i need a lot of courage to push this sha..and money obviously! All i know is i wanna be the next Ituen Basi! So y'all watch out.

- Kiss a girl..yes? no? Maybe? Not sure yet..:)

- Be enganged! Yup, i said it, i wanna be engaged. Maybe not with a ring and all but i wanna have a steady 'almost-husband' not boyfriend..so dear present boyfriend take note o!

- Write a love letter..<3

- Maybe bust the windows of somebody's car..that'll definitely be fun..hehehe..

-And like in the movie, A walk to remember, i want to be in two places at one time.

- Swim in a village stream..dont ask me why..

- Matchmake two of my friends..just so i get to be the one to give the toast at their wedding!

- Meet Chris Brown..okay i know i have some MFM friends..i need y'all to say an amen to this one oh!! I dont care  where i'm gonna meet him..as long as its not in heaven.

- Faint and throw up too in my first surgery clinical..

- Be on TV..though i've been on TV before, on NTA's Work it out..*shinning teeth proudly*

Okay i think that's all..buh my bucket list is still open sha..i hope to add more on..And you should probably start your own bucket list too..#Justsaying

Btw,I heart Olamide Sonubi! #Okbye!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Readers..

First things, I love you guys muchos!

And sorry for the inconsistency but being in med school is a consistent pain in the butt! Imma try my best to keep doing what i love doing.

I might not have the best blog ever but blogging for me is not about being the best.

So i apologize to everybody that got tired of checking every other week..Can't make any promises but fingers crossed!
P.s. Plix Plix Plix *Yoruba accent* My mama no send me go school go do Unilag amebo o! So for all of yáll thinking it, just HOLD IT!
Before babes come and ambush me in school..lol..

Yours Truly,
The HawtHawt Fairy..x!

Cool Kids Association Of Nigeria.

Okay i know your first reaction is probably wth?! But your allowed to think like that. It was my exact same reaction when i first of all heard the phrase.

Cool kid yeah? Quite hilarious! Hehehe..

So a couple of days ago, i was chilling with a couple of friends and we were talking about how everybody has a blog nowadays and somebody said, "Oh! Dont you know its one of the requirements to be a cool kid?" and i'm like O.O

Apparently the other requirements are (according to my friend that is) :
.. Own a set of Beats by Dre headphones.
.. Have atleast two different colours of contacts
.. Have a blog
..You must know how to edit pictures..master the art of photoshopping!

P.s. I have all of these according to her except the Beats..Nokia or Ipod earphone chilling  :( And my birthday is in about 32 days so show some love na..haha..jk..

Also i know everybody has their own rule book for the cool kids i guess. Earlier in the week, a number of people were even tweeting about CKAN..Cool Kids association of Nigeria if you are lost.

And the thing is, a lot of people live their lives trying to be cool kids and seriously they have me shaking my head vigourously. It fun to be a cool kid o like me..hehehe..buit really you dont have to go out of your way to take a picture with your friend's Beats or something na.

Cool Kids rock yeah..and for the fun of it, i'm going to make my own Cool Kids requirement list too.

Here we go:
..Have over 500 followers on twitter (It is an achievement trust me, so clap for yourself)
..You must have atleast a pair of coloured skinnies.
..You must always form bad guy even if its not necessary.
..Nobody rolls with Ipods anymore so you must have Ipad.

Okay i'm all out of ideas seeing as i suck ar being a cool kid, but rock as being me..I think you should do same! :)

P.s.s. beats are Headphones for listening to music and all, not Neck accessories!!!! Choi! #okbye