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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Tale Of Mr. Wuggly And No Chocolates: Missing You...x!

As i sit here in my room, on my bed in this extremely cold weather with Mr. Wuggly and Papi (My teddies incase you are wondering), a picture begins to form in my mind.

I grab Mr. Wuggly and cuddle him trying hard not to see you. Then i remember how i used to call you my cute, yellow, extremely cuddly teddybear and i cant help the smile that comes to my lips.

In that fleeting bittersweet moment all sorts of emotions course through my being as well as thoughts and memories.

At this point, the picture in my mind is fully formed and definitely isnt going away. me. you. Lying with my head across your chest. Listening to your heart beat intently. Imagining that your heart beats for mine.

Oh how i miss those days. The good old days of young love. You face. Your arms. Your voice. Its so not the same over the phone. I hold back a deep-throated sob and cuddle Mr. Wuggle and Papi even tighter. Atleast they were there to provide the immediate warmth and solace i needed. 

I turn up the volume of the song i'm listening to and MI's lyrics immediately infiltrate my thoughts;

                                'Come closer baby
                                 I've got my eyes on you
                                 I like the things you do...'

*Insert deep sigh at this point* Lol.

Obviously the song is definitely not helping much. But i still listen to it about 50 more times. talk about some serious addiction. Hehe.

And the Darkpoet's Fimile remix comes on and i'm laughing at the lyrics and singing along. Now this was definitely helping! Before i knew it, i had let go of Mr. Wuggly and Papi and i was boogerying down and wiggling my little booty. *insert giggle here* Lol again.

And yes, that was how aanother bout of seriously-missing-you ended. One of the very many i've been in in the last 4 months.

And it spelt victory for me because i didnt shed a tear, i was becoming tougher and stronger. And without chocolate, ice-cream or food to help. (though i still needed Mr. Wuggly and Papi)..
Yet another tale  from one of cupid's victims :* 

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