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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I dance, I sing, I smile
Excited, Euphoric, Ecstatic
A moment of pure happiness
No music playing from devices
Just the one from my emotions
My heart dances
No cares, No worries
I accept and love myself
No criticizing voices
It seems they are all asleep
I pray they sleep forever
So that this moment
This happiness never ends


Friday, January 21, 2011

The End On One Chapter And The Beginning Of Another- Death.

Death..It will not dawn on us till we are a hundred years old.
                                                                - A teenager

It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth -- and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up -- that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.
                                                                                                                    -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I've lost a couple of friends my age and there about but the full reality of death hit me in the face last week when i lost a friend who was exactly my age.

At this age, we often feel we are invincible. We feel we can do whatever we want and get away with it. If somebody walked up to you this moment and told you that you were going to die tomorrow, you'll probably say, 'God forbid' and laugh it off. yes, thats just how it is with most of us.

I mean, every time i hear the world is ending in 2012, i say a silent prayer to God to let me have my eight kids first before the world ends ( Yes, I said *, i want 8 kids...Lol) 

We all pray the prayer to see our children's children but we never fully admit to ourselves that life is God's to give and take as he pleases. We really have no say when we are going to die, whether it is after having 8 kids or when we are all bent over and wrinkled or even when we are about to go play the neighborhood basketball game.

A couple of weeks ago, i was talking with my mum about the rumors of when the world would end (Yeah, i got scared and ran to my mummy after reading the 21-05-2011 prediction in the middle of the night), and she said something that stuck with me since the. She said, 

                   "The world ends for you when you die,
                     And you can die at this very moment
                     Or 80 years from now..."

Deep yeah? (It was one heck of a conversation).

There i was worrying about the future and when the world would end when i could very well be dead in the next minute or hour or day.

And then, at my friend's  funeral, i could not help but wonder what my funeral would be like and what people would say about me during my eulogy and my tribute..

                           'She was pretty'
                           'She was my classmate'


                          'She was a good Christian'
                          'She touched my life'

Would people shed genuine tears for me? 

Would they rejoice that i'm in a better place or would they simply cry because of the uncertainty of where i'll be?

Would i have touched a life? Or more? yes, i might just be 17 but isn't 17 years enough time to make a difference?

I believe my friend is in a better place right now, i believe she's in heaven. And i also want my family and friends to be comforted by that same thought when i'm gone. I want them to have the assurance that they will see me again and that id doesn't all end here.

Death has dealt me a hard blow and the only solace i find in death is the afterlife. Imagine if this life really ended here, it would all be a waste! A blady waste! Admit it!

Today, through the death of a dear friend, I've learnt a lot, I've come to face the reality of the afterlife/

*This article is dedicated to the friends I've lost in the course of life. Julie, Ayoola, seun, Ella. R.I.P.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Midnight. (A Nigerian Adaptation Of Twilight)

I was ninety nine point nine percent sure i was dreaming. Nobody ever looked like this! He was perfection personified.

John Clement.

Even his name had a ring to it. I knew what he really was. I knew his type. I should have figured it right from the beginning. His golden honey brown eyes and very black skin. He could easily be mistaken for a fully sun-baked Ghanaian but i knew better.

His type, they loved the heat (even when there were temperature extremities). That was why they had freshly moved to Lagos. The blazing, scorching sun was bound to attract his type but the Clements were the first of their kind in Lagos.

I did not know why, but i felt a strong unexplainable attraction to John, ever since his blazing skin mistakenly touched mine in biology practical class when i was trying very hard not to touch the formaline-infested frog.

I remembered what i had read the previous night about their type when curiousity had gotten the better of me. Known to have descended from the same bloodline as Clifford Orji, there were known as the hot ones. It was said that midnight wast the best time to hunt. The best time for them to hunt.

John's image popped into my mind again. Perfect jet black skin, golden honey brown eyes. he always had that strength, that agility that just made you imagine him pounding yam! Yes! John Clement at his full height og 6 ft 5" was a perfect picture of the perfect African man.

The only exception was that i knew just what he was. A WINCHARD. He was from a full family of winchies and winchard. And a very hot..sorry i mean pretty..no beautiful black bodied family family at that. I had made up my mind to confront him that day but just as i crossed the field to where he was standing with the other Clements I heard someone call my name,



I see the weird stares but I don't care because I have lost faith
Faith in what is known as mankind
Faith in myself
Faith in what should be the natural way
Faith that I would eventually find my own place
I'm standing outside in the dead winter cold
Naked as the day I was born
Tears streaming down because there is no tomorrow
Because what is life without faith
As the snow falls all around me 
Take in the beautiful sight
Beauty that I see in everyone but can't find a glimmer in me
I catch one snowflake and stare at its intricacies
How something so small can be so beautiful and exquisitely crafted
Yet I still can't seem to find any faith to go on
As I slowly freeze I think to myself
It is best to be wanted and not had than to be had and not wanted
As my faith went so also did my life

Diwura Edun

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Tale Of Mr. Wuggly And No Chocolates: Missing You...x!

As i sit here in my room, on my bed in this extremely cold weather with Mr. Wuggly and Papi (My teddies incase you are wondering), a picture begins to form in my mind.

I grab Mr. Wuggly and cuddle him trying hard not to see you. Then i remember how i used to call you my cute, yellow, extremely cuddly teddybear and i cant help the smile that comes to my lips.

In that fleeting bittersweet moment all sorts of emotions course through my being as well as thoughts and memories.

At this point, the picture in my mind is fully formed and definitely isnt going away. me. you. Lying with my head across your chest. Listening to your heart beat intently. Imagining that your heart beats for mine.

Oh how i miss those days. The good old days of young love. You face. Your arms. Your voice. Its so not the same over the phone. I hold back a deep-throated sob and cuddle Mr. Wuggle and Papi even tighter. Atleast they were there to provide the immediate warmth and solace i needed. 

I turn up the volume of the song i'm listening to and MI's lyrics immediately infiltrate my thoughts;

                                'Come closer baby
                                 I've got my eyes on you
                                 I like the things you do...'

*Insert deep sigh at this point* Lol.

Obviously the song is definitely not helping much. But i still listen to it about 50 more times. talk about some serious addiction. Hehe.

And the Darkpoet's Fimile remix comes on and i'm laughing at the lyrics and singing along. Now this was definitely helping! Before i knew it, i had let go of Mr. Wuggly and Papi and i was boogerying down and wiggling my little booty. *insert giggle here* Lol again.

And yes, that was how aanother bout of seriously-missing-you ended. One of the very many i've been in in the last 4 months.

And it spelt victory for me because i didnt shed a tear, i was becoming tougher and stronger. And without chocolate, ice-cream or food to help. (though i still needed Mr. Wuggly and Papi)..
Yet another tale  from one of cupid's victims :*