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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wizkid-Teenage dream or twitter nuisance??

  So yes our dearest Wizkid has been making waves of recent. With his Holla at your boy video, hes had girls like me double-tripping. If you don't love him for his voice, you have to love him for his looks or you are just a plain hater! (Admit it girls, plenty of you fall into that category).
  Well i'm beginning to hate too but who won't. Those of us who have had the misfortune of following have had to put up with his annoying 'twattitude'! You might say i'm hating just 'cause he hasn't tweeted at me but really i'm allowed to hate! 
  Unlike my awesome iceprince and BankyW who try to reply everybody's tweets, Wizkid only replies tweets like..'OMG! I love your avatar'or 'I love you Wizkid' and so on and so forth! To make matters worse if you try to criticise him or you just say something HE doesn't like, you get blocked! Really! Its so uncalled for!
  To make matter's worse he is so full of himself! Sometimes i almost hate myself for admitting to the whole world how much i love him..

Case Study:
He's perfoming at babcock and he tweets on Sun 21st Nov..:

Shet dis girls will kill me 2nyt'


Wow!!!...see d way d girls screamed wen I walked in!!...damn!!..girls love me mehn....

Like really!! What kind of vain-ass tweets are those! I'm really trying to not talk much seeing as i still love him but really its getting annoying! With only one vid out he's getting this proud, what will he now do when he releases a full album?!

Wizkid hunnie if you ever get to read this, i still lov you and watch holla at your boy religiously on my phone and i'm still seriouslt anticipating your album but really STEP DOWN FROM YOUR HIGH HORSE CAUSE YOU HAVE NO REASON TO BE ON ONE! 

P.S. I still love you!

And i'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this way..or am i?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Before the real love story..

One sunny afternoon..
After a very stressful and long lecture..PHS101 to be specific, i walked to see my friend at her own class. From there we were supposed to go have lunch together.

We had the usual 'what happened all morning' talk while walking to the food place and then..*insert drumroll here* i sighted a certain hot boy. You know the kind you and your friends just stop and stare discreetly at..yeah that kind of hot. Then the daydreaming began and lasted all through lunch..those fabulous eyes gazing into mine, having lunch and finishing eachother's sentences, watching movies together..i had really lost it!

Finally i woke up after getting pepper in the wrong place. Nothing like a bout of cough and watering eyes to bring me back to earth! Drat it! It still did not end there. I talked my friends ears off and then they started getting annoyed after my ranting all through lunch (P.S. I have the most fabulous friends in the world).

I did stop my day dreaming after lunch. I returned to the immense heat of the afternoon and another round of annoying classes and that did the trick. I forgot all about my hottie.

But little did i know that that wasn't the end of my story...it was just the beginning of my love story..