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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Bucket List..:)

So i'm turnning 18 in a bit, and i just realized i've actually not had any remarkably funny/crazy event..sad innit?

And cos of that, i decided i was gonna create my own bucket list that i have to achieve before i turn 21. Can i hear an amen somebody!

Okay so basically, i have the next 3  years to achieve the following..
P.s. For those who dont know, a bucket list, is a list of things you wanna do before a certain time.

So here's mine:

- Eurotrip with my sister..i seriously hope i do this..

- Publish my first novel..probably titled 'Letter to my future husband'..;D

- Kiss a white dude..now this is totally random! Hehe..

- Released a single..seeing as everybody is now a musician, i will never carry last, so whether u love me, or hate me, or you really cant be bothered, you have to listen to it o! And buy my album if i decide to release one!

- Run outta my room topless when i hear 'man on the floor'..haha..i just hope it'll be some random dude, not some boy that likes me, or some perveted freak, i'll just die!

- Have my first article published in the national dailies or a magazine. P.s. My first article in a magazine will be out soon!! Yay! I'm really excited about it! Very excited!

- Start my own Fashion accessory line..i need a lot of courage to push this sha..and money obviously! All i know is i wanna be the next Ituen Basi! So y'all watch out.

- Kiss a girl..yes? no? Maybe? Not sure yet..:)

- Be enganged! Yup, i said it, i wanna be engaged. Maybe not with a ring and all but i wanna have a steady 'almost-husband' not boyfriend..so dear present boyfriend take note o!

- Write a love letter..<3

- Maybe bust the windows of somebody's car..that'll definitely be fun..hehehe..

-And like in the movie, A walk to remember, i want to be in two places at one time.

- Swim in a village stream..dont ask me why..

- Matchmake two of my friends..just so i get to be the one to give the toast at their wedding!

- Meet Chris Brown..okay i know i have some MFM friends..i need y'all to say an amen to this one oh!! I dont care  where i'm gonna meet him..as long as its not in heaven.

- Faint and throw up too in my first surgery clinical..

- Be on TV..though i've been on TV before, on NTA's Work it out..*shinning teeth proudly*

Okay i think that's all..buh my bucket list is still open sha..i hope to add more on..And you should probably start your own bucket list too..#Justsaying

Btw,I heart Olamide Sonubi! #Okbye!



  1. You never cease to make me laugh with these your crazy ideas anyway can I be the random dude in item no. 5 ? #JustAsking

  2. wish u luck in ur fashion accessory thing..sha call me when u want to do a photo shoot to promote the line ..*wink wink*

  3. haha! Man on d floor!! u musto call me wen ur doin dat one o.
    P.S: Awwwww @ ur P.S!!

  4. Madame..u can like to sit----\_ meet chris brown ko daddy showkey ni..rme :p

  5. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com