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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Week Without...

Everybody has one addiction or the other. Just like yours truly, Moi! Yup, even though it took me a while to realize i was addicted to twitter, i finally did and decided to take a one-week twitbreak. Which i wasn't very happy about but i'm almost through. I have just over 24hours to go and i can tweet again!  

So for the past 135 hours, i've not been able to tweet. I've not even been able to open twitter to read my tweets at all! And take my word for it, it has been so boring. Sometimes i felt like i was loosing my freaking mind but i survived. And in less than 33 hours, i'll be back on everybody's  timeline to disturb the living daylight out of their Timelines..Hehehehehehehe a.k.a. my evil laugh. But frankly, i've had my fair share of boredom to last me the next 10 years..JK

Now for a quick summary of how the last 136 hours have been..(I had to go make lunch..okay indomie..:p)
  • I watched over 100 videos on Youtube..no jokes! It actually got to a point were i started watching  Glee videos of different perfomances. *sigh* And even x-factor videos!
  • I read a whole lot more, and being the good student that i am, i only read one novel and spent my late night poring over my class notes.

I noticed the beautiful world we live in. For once i actually took note of my environment. (And by all that, i basically mean i noticed so many fine boys! Choi! Noticed only though..eye candy things)
  • I actually had time to read my bible! Bless! Now i feel like a good christian child..i always been one anyways..hehe..
  • My battery never died! Normally when i tweet, my battery dies at about 12 or 1 in the afternoon, or 3 if i'm not tweeting so much. So yay!!
  • I actually in most of my classes, instead of tweeting. (Okay i .couldn't bring myself to listen in physiology though) x_x
Now to all the things i realized about twitter, my followers and their tweets. I missed @Loopygaga @IAmWhorl3y @TheRollngStoner (I can bet he's changed his handle again!), @FemiTheMartian very much..okay their tweets that is..

I missed how @Loopygaga could be so razz at times, @IAmWhorl3y and how he used to pick on me, @TheRollngStoner and his very queer tweets that always made me wonder exactly what goes through his mind, and how he and @MsSapphiret make me jealous sometimes..hehe..i missed all @olamydeh's tweets for obvious reasons..they crack me up sometimes.. I missed my wifey @Deewoorah! Nobody blowing me kisses all the time. I realized how much of a twit-bully @Moyo_Sterling is! Always giving everybody seat /_! Lol..so many people actually, all the idi-araba children @KO_ross @rustycoded @IAm2bizzle (i probably got his handle wrong).

Well i missed all of their tweets, even those i cant remember at the moment. In all, i realized one major thing, Twitter isn't just a hobby for me anymore, it has become an integral part of me.  Like an alter ego..@sm1pretty.. It made me feel like i was actually part of some people's lives.

And its funny how i actually hated twitter when i joined in July '10..*sigh* I've come a long way! And i'm actually excited out of my senses that i'll be able to tweet again soon. But the main point is i proved to myself everything i wanted to. Yet another life lesson learnt by going a week without.....tweeting.


  1. lol..interesting :D... yh >( u dint put my handle! mscheww.. oya bye bye!

  2. p.s i changed my blog url..to http://bitemylowerlips.blogspot.com so if i'm on ur blog list, kindly update..thanks :*