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Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Readers..

First things, I love you guys muchos!

And sorry for the inconsistency but being in med school is a consistent pain in the butt! Imma try my best to keep doing what i love doing.

I might not have the best blog ever but blogging for me is not about being the best.

So i apologize to everybody that got tired of checking every other week..Can't make any promises but fingers crossed!
P.s. Plix Plix Plix *Yoruba accent* My mama no send me go school go do Unilag amebo o! So for all of yáll thinking it, just HOLD IT!
Before babes come and ambush me in school..lol..

Yours Truly,
The HawtHawt Fairy..x!


  1. yeah, i noticed you went M.I.A . but its all good that idi araba is even a very somehow place sef.

    i was sha goin to attack you o,lol

  2. Abegi spare us wiv d explanation :p :p be forming madame busy dere oooo