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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Future Husband

I've always wanted to just sit and write a letter to my future husband (aka BankyW..lol...JK) so thats what ima do this night. Future husby i really hope you are reading this by some odd chance so we can always sit back in the next 20 years and laugh about it.

P.s. This is very vital privileged information though and it is all inspired by the love i have for you. Hehehe. Legooo

1. You must be tall o! As in very tall so you could always lift me and my legs will really be dangling in the air. Infact ehn, i want my head to be reaching just your upperarm not shoulder. So if you are short now you can like to start body stretching exercises. Or simply just go on an exclusive beans diet. :D Remember its because i love you o!

2. You know you are a very lucky man seeing as i'm a 'one-naira' chic. Yes o! I said one naira. But err husby, you know you love me na so don't let me remain a one-naira chic forever. Feel free to add as many zeros to the one..you know..;)

3. I like cooking very much (or rather experimenting) so please sweetheart get ready. No more regular rice and beans and bread. I'm talking beef stronganoff, balsamic rice, fillet mignons...you will enjoy o! But if i get it wrong the first time i cook it, just smile and force yourself to finish it. Or 'codedly' pour it under the table.

4. Husby, if you think i'll ever hire an 'Ekaette' better come back from jonzing world now now. We'll have maybe an 'Abeni' 'Mary-rose' or 'Blessing' if you are lucky gan. (No offence to anybody bearing any of those names)

5. And please Husby you know i'm a senseless romantic so you have to tell me i'm the most beautiful woman ever every single day, even when i'm pregnant, bloated and waddling about like a Duck, just because you love me..:D

6. You know we have to keep the romance in our marriage alive so every last Friday of every other month is our night. You must take me out to dinner and treat me like your little princess. And please we dont do fast-food only continental restaurants and the likes (I am still a one-naira chic o! I just like good things. I mean, who doesn't!)

7. Please husby, i'm begging now, you must be able to sing me out of my senses. No TerryG or Timaya business o! I need you to serenade me like Neyo, or Banky or Bez or John Legend or even 2face (at worst). And please if you have no writing skill endeavour not to form you own lyrics because i will laugh if you sing nonsense. You can always sing me a Lionel Richie classic.
*Big hint: Perform for me at our wedding, i promise to act surprised and even throw it a few tears. <3


Husby hope it not too much already? Oya i'll soon finish.

8. This is a very vital part. So listen well! I want 8 kids. Yes! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 kids! Please please please please please. So if you have no plans of being 'rich' oya please start changing your mind. The 8 is somehow negotiable sha..but please, you know you love me so 8. And i have no problem popping them out. :D

9. This is the last one hun. God first baby! Go and learn all you bible stories now so you can read them to our children at night. Remember it was David that killed Goliath o! And moses that parted the Red sea (better don't change the colour). Before you teach our children nonsense. Lol..

And that is it..okay there might be part 2 o. Hehehe.. Just have it at the back of your mind that i'm ready to love you with every single atom of my being hun. Ima be yours and yours only forever and ever. :* <3



  1. lol! what if he never reads it. . u'll just have to take em d way he comes(things cud change) .. .8 kids! that's scary for any man t think of, besides he wudn't wanna stress u 8 times(child birth aint easy ya know). . . I'll keep all this in mind sha incase I meet "him" so he'll know what to expect

  2. Beautiful!
    I Actually feel Somethingg..
    ... Its There...

    Oh Wait! Thats Just A Bit Of Barf Left!
    Hopeless Romantic Oshii..

    Cool Tho... =)

  3. Reading this, I can't help wonder which mumu guy you're thinking of...and 8 KIDS ! Ok, I'm officially scared. Dear you really are a hopeless romantic... but you never fail to amuse me. Keep up the good work.

  4. and finally, she blogs! i've been waiting for a new post since!
    lol @ no 3...and yh..that husband ehn..he is finished!

  5. that is too much for a man to take. actually funmi i really love u.if u ll be my wife in future, we ll think of these things u said now.

  6. for the leg u said i ll make i open it very well .so u can feel the love.and put things in the pussy. i love u my sweethaert.